No Label Leadership

We're all about helping individuals and teams thrive efficiently. Through assessments and personalized discussions, we craft solutions to address specific challenges, provide tailored leadership training, and enhance overall well-being and organizational effectiveness.

We offer various discounts tailored to specific groups:

  • Veterans receive a 20% discount, with additional discounts available based on rank or rate tiers.

  • Families of Veterans (spouses and children) enjoy the same discount.

  • Non-profits benefit from break-even discounting.

  • Civil service personnel receive a 10% discount.

For Veterans transitioning out of service, regardless of rank, time served, or reason for separating, we offer specialized support beyond standard transition classes. Reach out to learn more about our IDENTITY, ASSESS, GROW philosophy. And for families navigating military life changes, including PCS moves, we're here to assist with those transitions too, from spouses making career changes to children graduating high school or college.

No Label!

We don’t label you or your team, because you’re not defined by the results of the assessments and leadership doesn’t really have multiple categories like transformational,, transactional, or authoritarian. There is servant leadership and that’s it. All leaders serve others, not the other way round (because that’s manipulation). You serve by loving others and working towards their improved health and success in all areas. “No Label” because we take the best of the great leadership thinkers, leaders, teachers, and philosophies and work to find what fits you…this keeps you authentic!


Tying your identity solely to a job or uniform can be limiting and may lead to a loss of self during life transitions. Exploring who you are beyond professional roles fosters resilience and a well-rounded sense of self, enriching your life with diverse interests and deeper fulfillment. Embracing this broader identity allows for adaptability and growth, ensuring you find satisfaction and purpose in various aspects of life, not just your career.


Utilizing tools like the Maxwell Method DISC and Working Genius assessments we can significantly enhance self-understanding, pinpointing communication styles, decision-making processes, and natural talents. These insights empower you to leverage strengths and address areas for growth, leading to improved personal and professional relationships, higher productivity, and greater fulfillment. By understanding the nuances of your personality and work preferences, you can craft a more effective and satisfying path through life and work, aligning your actions with your natural tendencies and talents.


Personal growth is an intentional and deliberate journey that requires careful planning and goal-setting, but it also demands a degree of flexibility. By setting clear objectives, you create a roadmap for development and improvement. However, life's unpredictability necessitates an adaptable approach, allowing you to navigate unforeseen challenges and opportunities with resilience. This balance between structured goals and adaptability enables continuous learning and growth, ensuring that you remain open to new experiences and insights that can further enrich your journey of self-improvement. Let’s take the next steps together!


“I cannot recommend Thomas Geier and his services enough. When I was between roles and searching for a new career path, I utilized Thomas’s services and learned so much about my unique skillset and what type of roles would be a fit for me. Tom took the time to explain in depth what type of roles I would be successful in, and was a great support system along the way. Shortly after working with him, I landed a role in my desired career path. I can say without a doubt that with Tom’s leadership I was able to better explain myself in interviews and convey what type of role’s I was, and was not looking for. I have a deep appreciation for Tom, and I recommend to anyone that finds themselves in a transition period or in need of change to reach out to Tom and see how he can help you turn your career into the best fit for your strengths. He is kind, passionate, and insightful. Take a chance on yourself and see how Tom can help you!” ~Julia A. (Professional Buyer at NREL)

More coming soon…


More coming soon…


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